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About Us

High End Endurance Sports Fashion For Women. For Passionate, Bold and Graceful Performer Athletes.

Power Woman brings fashion and style into to the world of performance and endurance.

The company was launched in 2014. But the idea and the philosophy behind the company was born much earlier than that. We live with a strong belief that we can do so much more than we seem to believe, if we just ignore all designed limitations. We offer Exclusively designed sports apparel for women to enhance their capabilities, form and power. 

After years of hard training I came to realize that there is hardly anyone doing high quality performance apparel with the woman body as their main priority, neither are there options combining outstanding quality and functionality with style. And so the idea of Power Woman was born.”  

Anna Wretling - Founder of Power Woman 

Why we get up in the morning  

- We have a passion to empower woman athletes

We want to break mental and physical borders.

- We want to motivate, empower and inspire women. 

Whoever you are, however you look and whatever your goal is – everyone can be empowered and able to achieve their own best potential. We all have a Power Woman within, if only we dare to believe it.

We live and breathe the brand

The founder and woman behind the brand, Anna Wretling, has always been driven by a desire to live without borders. With a background as an economist, entrepreneur, marketer, sales manager, mentor, and life enthusiast, she embodies Power Womans philosophy; meet your fears, dare to dream. She runs several businesses, is the mother of two children. She trains everything from long-distance running to weight training, skiing, kayaking, hunting, Ironman finisher, Marathons, Ultramarathon and Swimruns. This versatile training is also the basis of requirements for developing Power Woman’s products.

Power Woman - We are You.

  • "We are not afraid to perform. To us, what’s never been done are just opportunities waiting to happen and what’s said to be impossible is just a challenge waiting to be explored."