Sophie Rossovich Head of Design at Power Woman

Lerne unsere Leiterin der Designabteilung kennen - Sophie Rossovich

Erfahre mehr über Sophie Rossovich, der Leiterin der Designabteilung bei Power Woman. Mit ihrem fundierten Wissen über Design, zu Produktionspozessen und einem scharfen Blick für Form und Funktion verkörpert sie die Vision von Power Woman!

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Meet our head of design Sophie

Jag vill att det jag skapar ska älskas, användas mycket och hålla länge.


Sophie has worked at Power Woman since 2020. She has a background within pattern design and has worked as fashion designer at some of the larger Swedish clothing companies. With her deep knowledge in design, the production process and with a sharp eye for fit and function she is embodying the vision of Power Woman!

I have loved colors and shapes as long as I can remember. And equally important is quality and sustainability. I put a lot of focus into details, both in production and in the design phase. I ambition is to create beautiful design items to be loved and used for a long time.  

After more than a decade in the fashion industry and with many years of experience as designer at one Sweden's large lifestyle brands, I am really looking forward to be part of a small team with narrow processes and where decisions can be taken with the customer in full consideration. 

During my child hood I had the possibility to try out a number of sports. I played football, was riding horses, dancing balett and was competing in gymnastics and figure skating. This is probably when my interest for design and sawing started. Together with my mum I was creating a number of amazing dresses and I still remember the feeling of wearing a dress that could give me super power. 

I'm still curious on trying out new sports. But I couple of years ago I found yoga that helped me find the inner me, to listen to my body and to accept it. Today I can't live without it.

The pandemic has forced us to slow down, and reflect over what is really important in life. We will for sure see changes in how we live our lifes, but also in fashion. Before we dressed to look good, now we will focus on how to feel good. 

The strong trend towards athleisure, where the border between sports and leisure is diluting and where the passion to learn new things and to challenge ourselves to grow is getting stronger. This will be visible in patterns where we will see new variations of tie-dye, spiritual symbols and playful logo-prints. 

We're currently working on developing our form and design. And I look forward to challenge you in breaking boundaries and setting new goals.