Power Woman's founder Anna Wretling in her first marathon

Founder of Power Woman, Anna Wretling - on how it all started

Founder of Power Woman, Anna Wretling, is sharing her story on how it all started. A story about doing the impossible, breaking boundaries and feeling like a wild leopard while running through an ice cold and rainy Stockholm. Faster than ever.

Founder of Power Woman, Anna Wretling - How it all started

The Leo leggings was my first pattern I ever designed. Everyone told me it was not possible to do an all over print the way I wanted, and that gold transfers that would last was impossible to find.

I was going to do my second marathon. During my first marathon, I wore a branded black leggings that were terrible for running, giving me chaff and was constantly dropping. I promised my self that if I was ever going to run again I wanted a pair of leggings that stayed in place, especially around the waist, and in a material that would “support, firm and breathe. Something that would feel like a second skin, giving me power - not slowing me down. 

 I wanted it to feel like I was running naked but with a shield of firmness. 

I looked all over Europe for a material that had a compression feel and that would follow the movements of the body while running. The material I was looking for had to be very specific to follow the running movement and with high technical standards. I also wanted it produced under fair conditions in Europe. I found a woman that could help me with the construction and functionality and together we had created the Ultimate Running Legging.

To create the ultimate legging for a women

For a runner, it is super important that the legs can move freely and doesn't get strained. Equally important is a waist designed to support but most important to stay in place.

Together with an artist, we created the pattern by hand. It was made in many layers to get the perfect deep natural looking pattern. All other prints I found was either too plain or too flat. I wanted a pattern with depth, handcrafted to get the luxurious look of a real animal. I have always been inspired by nature. Wild and free animals is my greatest source of inspiration and I feel like a wild and free leopard when I run. That gives me the extra power. 

One of the most important feelings for me is to be free and the pattern is actually a tribute to the free woman. Who runs, and who says and goes wherever she wants. 

Finally, the day came. I was standing at the start line to my second marathon, wearing my leopard leggings that everyone said was impossible to create.

The first marathon ever as a Power Woman

It was and ice cold day in June and the rain was pouring down in Stockholm, when the marathon took off. I felt like a leopard throughout the race - strong, proud and fierce.

Nothing could stop me! That was my fastest marathon ever. 3h 22 sec.