Do you have a showroom?

We have a showroom open on request.

Do you have any retailers?

No, not at the moment.

Where is my order?

When your order is placed you will receive your Tracking ID per email.

How long is the delivery time?

2-5 days. You can always track your order - when your order has been sent you recive a tracking ID per email or phone.

Has my order been completed?

When you place your order you will receive an order confirmation per email. if you have not received this please contact us as soon as possible:

How is the size of your tights?

Our tights are made according to normal Swedish and European measurements. Our materials are dense and have a good stretching capacity, so they might be considered small in sizes. If you prefer a more comfortable and loose feeling, go up one size. If you are looking for a tight fit which gives a more shaping effect we recommend you choose your usual size.

How is the size of your tops?

Our tops are in technical materials and if you prefer a loser fit over the belly and around the armhole, we recommend you go up one size. Our cotton tops "quotes tops" are normal to loose fit. our raglan, cotton and merino tops are normal size.

How is the size of your swimwear?

Some people experience our swim wear as small, some normal and some even experience them too big. It all depends on body shape and how you intend to use it. If you have a bigger chest, we suggest you go up one size to get more material coverage over the chest. All our bikini tops are adjustable in the straps, both across the back and in the shoulders. It all depends, how much fabric do you need for your chest. athletes who swim train and flip turns find that our swimwear can do one size for a tight fit and as little fabric as possible as resistance in the water.

A normal exerciser can use their usual size and if they feel "naked" we recommend to go up one size.

If I am between sizes, what shall I choose?

All of our tights have quite a snug fit and materials with good elastics so please choose a larger size for a more comfortable fit. If you like it tight go for your own regular size. All clothes follow standard.

How is your stock refill?

We work with small series and most of our collections are limited so patterns will change and items will sell out. Some patterns are classics and we order them continuously. We do not work with collections for spring, autumn etc , instead we work continuously to improve, renew and change our collection throughout the year.

What is the difference between SPEED bikini and TRI bikini?


SPEED has two bands on the hip, that make an opening and the model is a bit smaller compared to TRI. The TRI pant covers slightly more and does not have the same snug fit as SPEED.


The sports bra top has a flattering slight V-neck on SPEED and flattering slight U-neck on TRI. The SPEED top has less covering fabric. If you have a bigger chest we suggest you chose the TRI top or go up one size on SPEED. The straps differ slightly, but both have a good and supportive fit and are adjustable in both shoulder and back.

What is the difference between TRI swimsuit and SPEED swimsuit

TRI swimsuit is perfect for serious swim training, with several back straps, which gives it the perfect fit throughout your whole swim session. SPEED swimsuit has a more open back and two back straps, for those who prefer a free movement in the back, when swimming.

The front cleavage is more rounded on TRI and straighter on the SPEED swimsuit. The back cleavage is deeper on SPEED than on the TRI swimsuit.

The leg cut is slightly higher on TRI compared to SPEED. Both swimsuits have adjustable straps.

What about the fabric we use for our swimwear?

The materials on all our swim wear stand chlorine, sun and salt. The lining is black or natural coloured, depending on model and pattern.

Your triathlon clothes, how do they work?

Our triathlon gear is specially designed for the three disciplines - swim, bike and run. The clothes have a tight fit under the wetsuit and dry fast when you transition from swim to bike.

The pant has a soft padding of 4mm to give comfort on the bike, but is yet thin enough to be comfortable on the run. During your run you do not feel the padding. The pant has a silicon edge which keeps the pant in place, a wide elastic in the waist which is comfortable and supportive. The fabric in the pant is tight and has a better stretch than the top. The top is made to dry quick and sit comfortably to allow free movement when swimming, biking and running. There is a divided pocket in the back with two compartments to store essentials during your bike and run. A zip in the front which makes it possible to open if it gets warm.

More about our bike clothes?

The bike pant is made to tolerate outdoor- and indoor biking. Everything from short, to average and long distances such as Ironman and Vätternrundan. With a 8mm padding at the thickest place in the middle. The pant has a comfortable fit with a wide and supportive waist. A bit higher in the back than in the front. Around the leg is a broad silicone edge to keep the pant in place without gliding up. The pant can also be used for triathlon racing as it dries quick and can be used for running but we do recommend the triathlon pant for those occasions.

The bike jersey is made in a thinner fabric than the pant to be airy and dry quick. It has a zipper in the front to regulate heat, wind, cold during your bike ride. The collar goes up quite far and covers the neck to stop the wind but low enough to be comfortable. There is a divided pocket on the back, with elastic to contain gadgets and food that you will need on your longer runs. On the bottom edge there is a silicon band to keep the jersey in place and prevent from rolling up. The jeresy is a bit longer in the back than the front.

How wide are our shoulder straps and are they elastic?

We have chosen to make our shoulder straps in elastic with a certain amount of extensibility for good comfort. The bands are 10mm wide which give a comfortable feeling, at the same time elegant and look nice.

What kind of material are the clothes?

All our materials are ECO environmental approved and made in Europe. The materials have been chosen carefully with high quality to keep a good fit, besides wear and tear. Our seams are carefully chosen to be comfortable and yet keep the shape of the garment.

Who designs the clothes?

Power Woman designs each garment from scratch, we make our own patterns and construction. We try and test each garment before we produce it. The garments are tested by athletes in each sport and we valuate and improve our garments every time we place new orders.

Patterns and garments are designed by Anna, founder of Power Woman together with an inhouse design team who are specialized on training clothes and their function plus material requirements. We draw our own patterns and each design is ours uniquely. Small collections make it possible to be flexible and maintain an exclusive collection with a high prestanda.

Where are the clothes produced?

Garments are produced in Europe.

I am going to run a race, what should I wear?

We recommend all our tights and shorts for running. Anything from shorter sprint distances to longer ultra distances. The tights quick dry and have soft seams to prevent chafing.

If its cold outside, what should I wear?

If you are running in the cold or skiing in autumn winter we recommend to wear a pair of longjohns under our tights. Made in for example merino or silk.