User Generated Content

Guide lines for creators

The most important thing we look at when working with UGC is how well you as a creator succeed in conveying the message to the audience. Be genuine and trustworthy, be yourself and preferably in a environment and/or perform a sport that you feel at home. You don´t have to over-do this, it should be fun and relaxed. Be natural, be you! Creating UGC is a way of sharing inspiration and give others the opportunity to see the products in use, on different bodies, and hear your thoughts about them.


Tell us about how you use the products, share your way to wear

How they feel and look

The functionality, highlight what is unique and great, the problem they solve.


Show us in action you wearing them


Tell us about your training, race or challenge. Do this in blog, text, video format. Tell us about YOU!

Inspire others with your story!

Now for the fun part! Let´s create!


1. Product review.

Talk to the camera, or if you don´t want to talk show as much as possible and make the product presentation as clear as possible without words.

2. Use of products

Pictures and videos when you use the products

3. Storytelling

Videos and pictures from races or your training sessions

how to film



Be aware to stay in the green area when you make the video. The dark areas are going to be cut out.

Minimalistic, natural light, simple colors, a little depth in the image (not straight up. If you are outside, have nature as a backdrop and choose a clean place with harmony.


Do not add any music and if you talk make sure to be heard clearly

Home / Gym / Forest / Nature /Pool

Be aware of the light


The light is important to the overall look so make sure to have a bright light focused on you from the front so there are no shadows on the face and a dark and boring approach. You should shine and glow!

Use light makeup, be natural! We love to se YOU as you are.

what to say

VIDEO talking points - Product focus

If it becomes too difficult, record each part separately, to maintain
the energy and genuineness which is the most important thing. Feel free to
correct the script based on what you discovered with the products.

If you feel you DON´T want to talk at all, that is fine too, just send us the information in text and we will add it to the videos in typing.

  • How do you feel when you wear the clothes?
  • How do you wear the clothes, what workouts/training?
  • How does being a part of the community feels?
  • Present yourself and your sports
  • What general problem is there with training clothes on the market?
  • In what way have the Power Woman clothes solved the problem? Show us!
  • Show functionality.
  • Talk about the design
  • Explain the process how/when you use the products
  • Who would you recommend them to and why?
  • Tell them where they can get them



Record each one by them selves. This is you talking to the audience, use your natural way of being and use your words but here are suggestions what to say.

1. This collection/product is supposed to make you feel confident, strong and empowered

2. You feel amazing no matter what training you do

3. When you are wearing this collection /product you are not just wearing stylish clothes, you are also joining a movement.

to you have more to tell?

More content options - story telling and Know how

Do you want to tell your story?

Write a article or blog?

Do you have a personal story to tell? We would love to hear! Tell us about overcoming a fear, a race report, challenge you are heading or have overcome. Send your story in at least 500 words and we can share it through our various media for inspiration and motivation to our followers and tag you so you gain attention. Don´t forget to send a picture.


Share your race, training or knowledge

  • Know How about training, racing or other health related knowledge
  • It can be a routine you do, your running tips, swimming session, how you do nutrition, strength training and so on. You can do this both in text, picture and video format.
  • Do you have knowlede about a specific area of competence? Please share your know-how to others


TEXT INTERVIEW Questions to answer


  • Name, age, place, instagram
  • Tell us about yourself?
  • Tell us what you train and why?
  • Tell us about your background in sport?
  • What are your goals with your training?
  • What does your training look like in everyday life?
  • What does exercise give you?
  • What is health for you?
  • What is a Powerwoman for you?
  • Your favorite quote?
  • Which Powerwoman garment do you like best and why?


  • Do you have an experience you want to share? Describe it in as much detail as you can, give the background, tell what happened, what you learned from the experience, give tips to others.
  • Do you have a profession in fitness or health? If so, provide the reader with tips, experiences and knowledge about your field and what you know. What is the most common thing you see in your profession regarding women?
  • Do you practice a specific sport? If so, give an insight into that sport, why you practice it, how it works and how to "do" it. Do you have tips on how to get started? What to consider as a beginner?
  • Are you an expert in an area, or do you train in a unique way? Share! We want to know!

We love to hear your story


Julia´s dream come true!

Julia´s dream come true!

Now it has been 13 years, I have run over 15 marathons and will finally run the SM (Sweden Championships) in marathon June 3. Just to run the SM is a dream come true and something I have trained for and wanted so much for several years. Life comes in between, but running gets to be there but in an adapted form. Like a really good friend that you can trust in all time.
Rebecca and her newfound love for running

Rebecca and her newfound love for running

- I work with sports injuries as my main focus and also training during/after pregnancy. My passion is my driving force and what I have allowed to blossom over the past three years, is my running. The goal that is in sight is the Stockholm Marathon 3/6. It is my first flat marathon.
Power Woman Nadja Svahn running

Power Woman Nadja Svahn fights her way back

Nadja Svahn holds a passion for running. To meet other people and to get the awesome feeling of endorphins after the workout session  is the best motivator. Her focus is on getting fully recovered after a foot surgery.




Please send us the raw files. No filter, no effects, no music. It does not matter if you said something "wrong" dont stop just breath and continue. We will edit and cut the material.

Retake? Sometimes the lighting, sound, quality is bad so we ask you to retake.

Talk in english if you can.

If we ask for a voice over, send that separate.

If you do not talk, write down quotes and the answers in a word document and we will text it.


If you send us blog material, articles and interwievs, the text should be at least 500 words or more, you can write in english or swedish. We will edit the text into a interview format, blog or article. We will change words and expressions into good flow and translate it.


Have you made a reel, we will take a look at it and see where and if we can use it. Send in good quality.


We will select what to use and cut it to fit our format. Please send on wetransfer full image.

when and where


By accepting to create content for us you also accept that we use the content for our Social Media, Facebook, Instagram and for Advertising. We have the right to change the content to match our style and preferences. When and if, and for how long the content is going to be published is depending on how well it is performing and we can not give any publication date in advance. If possible and if the creator wish to, we tag the creator. If any tax rules for collaborations is up to the creator to find out what is accurate in their region.

Any clothes that you do not wish to keep you either give away to someone in need (do not sell) or you post in our 2:nd hand Facebook group Pass Your Power Forward and the profit goes to our non profit organisation Power Woman Athletic Club

Where to send?

Send all text, video and picture material in high resolution on mail to . Use wetransfer if needed.

Mark with your name