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We believe in the power that emerges when you have the courage to look past the boundaries of what you thought possible. We believe that there are no limits to how far you can go – whatever your goal – and in the happiness you will find on your way there.

Here at Power Woman, we are building a community where women support each other. To us, the most important thing is helping women recognize and reinforce their own potential, while feeling beautiful and strong. During training, as well as in life as a whole. 

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Our products are designed with the female body in mind. They provide support in all the right places to make every Power Woman athlete feel strong, fast and beautiful.

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Swim caps from Power Woman in many colors

10 strong reasons why you should wear Swim Cap

Is a swim cap necessary? The answer is YES! There are so many reasons why a swim cap is necessary when swimming. We have listed ten of the many reasons and we hope that after reading this your answer to the question whether it is necessary to wear a swim cap will be equally YES!
Running in the dark – the trick & treat

Running in the dark – the trick & treat

Winter time. It’s getting so much darker and the difference to summer can be sometimes brutal. Suddenly it feels like the darkness is surrounding us, and so much easier to find excuses not to go for that run that will strengthen your body and nurture your soul.
Female runner strength training

So how much strength training do runners really need to do?

Thankfully, for some of us, not too much. Most coaches would recommend two or three sessions a week. But if you’re seriously pushed for time, there’s actually some evidence to suggest that just one 20-minute strength training session per week can be effective in building and maintaining strength.