To us the sky is not the limit, it´s only a direction

Power Woman is a brand that stands for courage, high spirits, willpower and no compromising. We reinforce women’s capability, shape and power through our clothes, our training and our philosophy. Whoever you are, whatever you look like and whatever your goals are, you too have a Power Woman within. All you have to do is challenge yourself. 

"We are not afraid to perform. To us, what’s never been done are just opportunities waiting to happen and what’s said to be impossible is just a challenge waiting to be explored." - Anna //founder


Stretchy & functional

Our garments are designed with the female body in mind. They provide support in all the right places to make every Power Woman athlete feel strong, fast and beautiful.

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More than a brand

We believe in the power that emerges when you have the courage to look past the boundaries of what you thought possible. We believe that there are no limits to how far you can go – whatever your goal – and in the happiness you will find on your way there.

We believe in building a community where women support each other as the Power Women they are. To us, the most important thing is helping women to reinforce their own potential, all while feeling beautiful and strong. In training as in life as a whole. 

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Team PowerWoman Athletic Club is a non-profit association founded in early 2018 by PowerWoman creator Anna Wreting. She felt early on that that the brand was about more than high-quality clothing. It was, and is, also about a sense of belonging and community. Since the brand's inception, the women who wear PowerWoman have been very much like a team and this is where the idea originated. 


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Anna Wretling Founder of Power Woman in San Francisco
Power Woman

The Extreme Athlete Who Walks Her Own Path

How do you react when crossing the finish line after 3.8 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers by bike and 42 kilometers of running, in ten hours and one minute? With an unclenched fist? By breaking down from the effort? Or with a shrug and an "oh well?". Meet Anna Wretling, the founder of Power Woman who belongs to the third category of people.
Celebrate Self Love
Power Woman

Celebrate Self Love

During this time of the year, we would like to highlight the importance of self love and how it affects your relationship with others. Often times, appreciating oneself is undervalued and overlooked. Self love means appreciating yourself by taking care of your happiness and well-being. Start the journey today!
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