shorts for runners


It’s so easy to focus on the flaws. On all the things that didn’t go as planned. The things you didn’t fulfill, or all the times when you think you failed. We all do that. 
So we wanted to create a super suit that works as a reminder - that you are a star. An extra skin that can elevate you when feeling low, that depicts you when you’re in flow.

running with comfort and style

Technical innovation

Our bestseller shorts are made to stand sweat, salt, chlorine, sun and other hard conditions. Made for sprints to ultra marathons and used by athletes around the world from beginner to advanced. The wide waist elastics and the 6 cm wide anti-slip elastic in leg ending makes them stay in place and prevent chafing.

anti slip grip

own you running


We want you to feel free to move and enjoy running with ease and grace. These shorts are made to stay in place both in waist and legs.

My favourites are the run hot shorts, they are just amazing. I live in them the whole summer

Sara Rais

Perfect for all kind of running, treadmill, sprint and marathons