swimwear guide

innovation and design

All our products are developed from the female perspective and from the curiosity to find solutions that will make the athletes feel comfortable, powerful and beautiful. We love design, construction, materials and exploring new ways to make sportswear that are innovative and modern.

our products are our lovestory

size & production

All of our products are made with years of testing together with athletes and pattern constructors before they come to the market. We are extremely picky with both material and fit. Every item is made by our Swedish design team. We choose only the best suppliers in Europe for material and all of the materials are highly techichal and exclusive. Our production is based in several factories, each and everyone specialized in its sports. We follow European standards for measurements and our fit is "normal" but, we work with shaping, firming and compression materials and many athletes want a aero look and feel so a "regular" user may want to go up in size for a looser fit.

Our golden rule: For comfort fit - use your regular size or size up. For performace fit or advanced swimmers - size true or go down.