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Product Development

We develop sustainable and innovative products for a better environment to create sustainable options for women performing sports. We produce high quality clothing using selected materials that lasts for long wear and use. The fit remains after a long time thanks to well-developed design and does not lose its shape. We believe in manufacturing long lasting clothes that do not go out of time. Our materials are manufactured and sewn in Europe and we work continuously with quality review and improvements of processes and material choices to protect the environment and human beings.



Power Woman product development and design team continuously work with product construction, material and design improvements and make technical innovations within performance sportswear for women.


We put the power back into your apparel

Thanks to our extreme quality requirements, manufacturing errors are few and far between, and our return rates are minimal. We believe in making durable garments using European high-quality materials, in factories offering high standards and competence. In the unlikely event that a garment is damaged, because the wearer is even stronger than the garment, our first priority is to take it back and have it fixed by our seamstresses. We will return power to the garment – and to its wearer.


Enabling circular economy

We enable our customers to sell used clothing through our buy-sell group on Facebook. Visit Facebook Group