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Our leggings are not just regular leggings. Our leggings are made by female athletes together with a development team to make sure they stay in place during all kinds of running, from sprint to ultra marathons. With a wide waist and a highly technical material, that breaths and shapes, you will feel safe to run for as long as you like! The secons-skin-touch makes you move freely and perform at your best.

the story behind

The EDGE legging was Power Woman's very first designed and produced leggings. They were created by our founder Anna Wretling, as she started to run marathons and ultramarathons, and could not find a pair of leggings with the right comfort and support. No one she tried stayed in place, especially not in the waistline. And more, they were all just black or plain. Anna wanted a legging in an all-over print. Together with a designer, she developed a a unique print and fit - the result was soon to known as the "best running legging ever".

The Edge Legging from Power Woman is an all time favourite among runners. Some of the reasons are the medium-high waistline that supports your ability to breath with your abdominal. The waist also has a firm elastics and a drawstring that prevent the legging from creeping down. The fabric is developed by a high quality Spanish supplier. It feels soft but firm and gives a slight compression effect, just like a second skin.

The caracteristic pattern is hand-made by our Swedish design team, and the Edge Leggings are produced in Europe. And one more thing - they come in many colors! Which one is your favourite? Have a pick!

Leggings: For comfort fit - use your regular size or size up. For performace fit - use true to size.

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leggings guide


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All of our products are made with years of testing together with athletes and pattern constructors before they come to the market. We are extremely picky with both material and fit. Every item is made by our Swedish design team. We choose only the best suppliers in Europe for material and all of the materials are highly technichal and exclusive. Our production is based in several factories, each and everyone specialized in its sports. We follow European standards for measurements and our fit is "normal" but, we work with shaping, firming and compression materials and many athletes want a aero look and feel so a "regular" user may want to go up in size for a looser fit.

Leggings: For comfort fit - use your regular size or size up. For performace fit - use true to size.