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Tights Guide

Our sportswear is created for elite athletes but also for everyday joggers.

Our tights are created for elite athletes but also for everyday joggers - and all women that require premium-quality performance sportswear for any occasion. Like all our garments Power Woman tights are developed by a design team that pay attention to every single detail. We have carefully studied how the female body moves, how seams should be placed for a perfect fit, and for coping with the toughest challenges in sports. Several of our ambassadors use them on ultra trail races and marathons around the world.


Our favourite classic. These tights will stay in place through all kinds of activities. But above all, they are a favourite among long-distance runners who demand tights with the right fit. Although they are perfectly suited for long and hard training sessions. Edge tights are just as great for everyday walks and leisure. They have been used for everything from power walks to ultra-marathons! Thanks to the waist with a wide, steadying elastic band and a drawstring to tighten, they will not move around. They are intended to be skin-tight with a shaping effect. Users often call their Edge tights just that, a second skin, which is the best rating we can get. Moisture quickly finds its way out, as the material breathes and dries quickly without ever feeling heavy. A long zipper at the back of the legs let your Edge tights suit different purposes. Used primarily by runners and or for weight training, they will keep you cool when it's hot and work just as well as long underwear for winter sports.


Our latest addition: great, basic tights for all types of training, whether it's at the gym or on a track. We have kept our unique, wide elastic waist with a drawstring. We have also chosen a more discrete single-color design that makes the Power Woman logo in gold stand out. The materials are soft and accommodating with some shaping effect. To let your POW tights breathe and keep you cool, we have opted for a slightly thinner fabric. Finely tailored seams let the tights sit snugly and give them a clean and minimalistic expression.





These tights are fleece-lined on the inside to provide extra warmth in colder climates. The material breathes and dries quickly. To maintain mobility, there is no fleece interior at the knees. Race warm tights always stay in place during all types of training, but they are above all a favorite among long-distance runners and cross-country skiers who require a tight fit. As much as they are made to withstand long and hard training sessions, they are an excellent choice for everyday walks and leisure. The waist has a wide, supporting elastic band and drawstrings. There's also a zipper at the leg endings, and all details are in gold. Race warm tights are luxurious performance tights that you will long to put on as soon as the temperature drops.


Just like the full-length model, these tights have the same excellent function and feel, but are suitable for warmer days when you want more air around the calves. They also come with a zipper to adjust in the side for changing fit and style, as well as a nice, wide elastic waist with a drawstring in gold. Edge 3/4 tights are perfect for running in spring and summer, or for use at the gym all year round. If you don't want shorts, these tights are the perfect compromise. They are just as suited for extreme sports as for everyday life.





These tights are made from performance materials and are created for extreme cross-country skiers who wear them on race day. The soft materials are very stretchy, so it's easy to use several layers without losing flexibility. The waist is higher at the back and there's a silicone strip in the waist to keep them in place, in addition to a drawstring on the inside. We have minimized the seams to avoid chafing. The soft, quick-dry performance material means that the tights are also perfect for runners. All prints are created and applied by hand on every garment.


Same style but with a fleece lining added to keep your legs warm. You can also use them with an under-layer. Ski and Run Warm tights are perfect for cross-country skiing or running in colder climates, but the soft, quick-dry material makes these tights great for runners as well.





 To create the best possible tights we use high-end materials that breathe, transport moisture away and dry quickly. They will not lose their fit even after years of intense and countless wash cycles. Our garments are almost impossible to wear out. 


We also add a little extra to each garment. The tights have unique details such as zippers in gold and draw strings at the waist. Even the drawstrings have gold details that carry the title of the garment's users: Power Woman. To make each garment unique, we create all the patterns ourselves. Our customers keep telling us that our tights and other garments feel like a second skin; that they hold tight to support, that they're soft and flexible – and that they bring out the best in them. We use European production facilities exclusively and we are committed to obtaining the best couture on the market. We want you to perform on top, while feeling great and strong at the same time. Our tights are developed by extreme athletes and tested by professional sports women. Each garment takes up to a year to develop for securing quality, performance, design and fit.

Power women running in the forest in Sweden wearing peacock print leggings

Designed in Sweden, produced in Europe.