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Long run tips with running coach Rebecca Hammel

Discover the importance of effective long run training

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Right now I run about 17-25km on the weekend's distance pass. Longer than that, I don't do right now since it is very unclear if there will be any races. However, I want to maintain a good basic level that can quickly be switched up from. - says Rebecca.

Why are long runs so important?

Well, for the long runs are good to successfully get the body used to the strain and preassure it will be exposed to. The body has to be able to strengthen the skeleton, tendons, ligaments, attachments and joints over time. It is important to note that joints and ligaments are not at all strengthened at the same pace as muscle tissue, they need more time to develop and therefore you need to increase the long-distance time and distance carefully to make the body used to it. The long runs also teaches the body to absorb oxygen better in the blood and to use fat more efficiently as a source of energy.

Another important part is that you should be able to maintain good technology all the time. The longer you run, the more tired you become and the less technology you can uphold. This is another reason why many running injuries occur after longer distances rather than after short, intense interval workouts. 

TIP: Don't run too fast!

It's a common mistake. The long runs should go at a comfortable speed. After a while you can of course add some speed increases here and there, but to run all long runs in race speed is not very smart. - says Rebecca.