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Petra Ekholm - POWtrait of a Power Woman

Sommelier, mom and cyclist training for triathlon & swimrun. We asked Petra for some quick questions about life, training and feeling empowered.

Name: Petra Ekholm
Instagram: @septemberflikkan 
Tell us a bit about yourself.
Driven, energetic and mother of 2 (always product manager if mum sounds negative) who always tries to see the positive in life, likes to be challenged and likes to peep people around me.
What sports do you practice?
I have always trained and have never seen myself as particularly goal-oriented, but in recent years I have realized that goals are what drives me forward. They do not need to be big nor compared to others, but I want to stretch my limits.
Started cycling too, soon 6 years ago. Cycling is what still gives me the biggest endorphin kick, but teaches me to swim and will this year run my first race in swimrun and triathlon.  In addition, I'm learning kite surfing.
What is POWER to you?
Power is to dare to challenge myself and go my own way.  To stand up for myself and do what I am driven by.  Being generous, peppering others and and empowering my fellow human beings.  It's the feeling I love about Team Power Woman, that we lift each other up.
Illustration by Karin Boström |
What's your favorite Power Woman garment?
Hmm ... I have several favorites but I really love Ice Cat and probably have almost all garments in that print.  Always get nice compliments in PW clothes and you feel strong just by wearing them.
What's your favorite quote?
I like several so choose one.  The latter fits well in these times...
  "You have to live now - because you are dead damn long"
   "Everything will be fine!"
 Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it

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