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There's a Power Woman in Every Woman

What is a Power Woman? Company founder Anna Wretling often have to answer this exact question. – The issue in Sweden is that we're caught up with achievements, that a PowerWoman has to accomplish something spectacular, but that's not what it's all about. It's not what you do – it's who you are, Anna says.

Anna often describes herself as someone who always goes against the grain, and that she named her company PowerWoman surprised no one.

– Power Woman is about being an independent woman, who stands up for what's hers. I want to spread this attitude through training and sportswear. For American women, this is already a lifestyle and their clothing reinforce who they already are.

For Anna Wretling, the PowerWoman expression has always been a founding principle. The fact that clothes would spread the message that women should be proud of themselves was more of a coincidence – and result of her own training.

– A lot of workout garments come with a poor fit, poor materials, and lack function and attention to detail, which makes them no fun at all. I wanted to create something new and there was definitely a vacant niche in the market. That's why sportswear became a medium for the lifestyle I want to convey to women – to be independent and stand up for your rights. I want to build pride. Personally, I get provoked when facing obstacles just because I'm a woman. I then have to do something about it instead.

The ambition has always been to mix fashion with hardcore training

When Anna Wretling launched her first collection, she wanted to create patterns that stood out, which gave the wearer power and strength, and would make her shine. She found inspiration in the animal kingdom. Leopard, zebra and snake-skin patterns took shape in her sketches. Beautiful details in gold. Carefully designed features that contribute to both function and fit.

– The ambition has always been to mix fashion with hardcore training and I've been extremely geeky when working towards that goal. You should be able to perform extreme sports and your clothes should still fit perfectly.

PowerWoman is more than clothing, it is a connection and a way to be.

The brand was conceived in a corner room in Åre back in 2013. A snowstorm was raging over the plains of Jämtland, and in Anna's head the image of a blank picture frame appeared.

– I have always loved branding; to build values, feelings and expressions. It is a three-dimensional form of creating, like painting or sculpting. There and then I was attracted by the idea of ​​a clothing brand, with which it would be possible to reach a global audience online.

Since then, PowerWoman has kept growing as a brand, using word of mouth. Anna Wretling had the opportunity to grow fast with help from large local retail chains but…

– ... I've had the courage to say no, to be able to accept international market actors in the long term. Our garments will work in many different markets.

What are the reactions to the garments?

– At races, powerwomen say hi to each other. We're like a group of women who belong together, even if we don't know each other. You lend stuff to each other, help each other out – you are simply kind and supportive of your fellow sister. It's a magical thing to behold and experience, both during training, races and in social channels. PowerWoman is more than clothing, it is a connection and a way to be.

If you wear our garments you take on a superwoman power

Anna Wretling calls herself a "modern women's rights champion", an entrepreneur who does not pursue her business politically but on the other hand via a movement. With the help of clothing, she wants to give women hope, courage, power and inspiration.

– If you wear our garments you take on a "superwoman power". We want to raise the primal woman and communicate the power she actually has.

PowerWoman has started a club for all athletes, where the purpose is community, encouragement and the joy of training.

– There's a huge force in women who cooperate and support each other. We want to take advantage of that force. As women, we should not limit ourselves because we don't believe in ourselves or fear failure. We shouldn't be afraid of not being able to do things. I hope to inspire other by showing that, even if I'm terrified of many things – I don't let it stop me.

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