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Top picks with Helena Bjälkemo

Power Woman Athlete Helena Bjälkemo reveals her top picks for running

What do you like the most about Power Woman clothes? 

I always feel powerful in their apparel. The wild patterns stand out and make me happy.


Which are your 3 favorite running wear items? 

1. I love their tights and the Mother Earth high waisted soft sport tights are my favourite.

"Mother Earth" Soft Sport Tights


2. I also enjoy the run hot collection, perfect for speedy runs in the sun.

"Run Hot" Set - Ice Cat


3. The light weight wind jacket has been great for intervals in the windy fall and crispy spring weather.

"Pro Multi Wear" Wind Jacket - Signature Black/Gold


Which are your 3 best running routes in Stockholm?

– I love running in the city of Stockholm because wherever you go nature is close by and there is water everywhere. My favourite running routs are in Karlberg, Brunnsviken and Djurgårdsvägen. Most of the runs are on gravel and you’re surrounded by water during the entire route.



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