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Anna Wretling talks about how it all started

The leo leggings was the first pattern I designed. Everyone told me it was not possible to do a all over print like I wanted and that gold transfers that would last was impossible to find...

I was going to do my second marathon, the first time I wore another brand in bad quality black leggings and it was terrible to run with legging that chaff and don’t stay up. If I was ever going to run again I wanted a legging that stayed in place, especially in the waist, and a material that would “support, firm and breathe.


I wanted it to feel like I was running naked but with a shield of firmness.


I looked all over Europe for the material that had a compression feel and follow the body while running. The material I wanted had to be very specific to follow the movement with high technical standards. I also wanted it produced under fair conditions in Europe. Together with a woman who helped me with the construction and functionality we developed the Ultimate Running Legging.

It is superimportant that the legs are free and not strained, and very important that the waist is designed to support but most important stay up.

Together with an artist we created the pattern by hand, it is made in so many layers to get the perfect deep natural looking pattern. All other prints I found was to plain, to flat. I wanted it to be deep and created by hand to get the luxurious look of a real animal.Nature have always inspired me. Wild and free animals is my inspiration and I affirm a wild and free leopard when I run.


The pattern is a tribute to the free woman. Who run, who say, who go wherever she wants. One of the most important feelings for me is to be free.

Finally I stood on the startline to a marathon again. In my leopard leggings that everyone said was impossible to create.

It was raining and ice cold in Stockholm in June when the marathon went off. I felt like a leopard all the way, strong proud and fierce.

Nothing could stop me.

That was my fastest marathon ever. 3.22

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