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Founder Anna’s thoughts of 2021

Design, must-haves and inspiration for the new year.

"2020 was a slightly different year, but we have mobilized and adapted to the conditions in a successful way. Despite the fact that factories sometimes had to shut down, fabrics could not be delivered and trucks had problem in customs, we have been smart, fast and solution-oriented and managed to deliver thanks to high demand from our customers. 
The interest in “outdoor sports” and health has increased in general and sports like running have really flourished during the year.
Something we noticed early on was the increased interest in cycling, so we redirected our design and production to deliver more cycling wear. The think that cycling as a sport, in all forms, will increase even more in 2021 and that more women dare to try new endurance sports."
- Founder Anna Wretling 

One sport that more beginners are curious about is swimrun. Running and swimming outside is a fun adventure. Likewise, to dare to go from swimming in a pool to swimming in nature. Overall to go from inside to outside is the great treasure of new habits 2020!

Triathlon as a sport has had to stand back somewhat in 2020 due to all canceled races, but before 2021 we see a pent-up need to find your way back to the party and the joy that triathlon races bring! Virtual training and races have become a new natural way to train, which is fantastic because it creates community even though you do not have to be in the same place. This trend will definitely continue and for eg Team PowerWoman Athletic Club, this means that even more people can participate in our events both around Sweden and elsewhere.

In product development, we will continue to work on more technical garments as we have a demand for more cycling clothing, winter clothing for running, ski clothing and underwear etc. We will continue to work on developing good basic garments and supplement with exclusive collections.

In design, we see that we are moving towards a more clean style with single-colored garments and calmer patterns. On the other hand, we further develop our beloved colors and patterns for those who want to express themselves more playfully and make a statement. Watercolors take up space for the summer and animal patterns return in a new edition.


Must have garments 2021 in the training wardrobe:

A colorful swimsuit makes it more fun to go to the swimming pool! Our swimsuits are also super nice to wear with shorts as a top or on the beach. My favorite is the green one!

A pair of Edge leggings is always right, even in everyday life. You can go from training to work or vice versa because they are so dressed and good looking. The favorites now are zebra in anthracite and leopard in gold.

A windbreaker that can easily be carried in your pocket and that works on the walk, on the run or on the bike. Black always works!

A pair of hot shorts, for running and gym, a multi-garment that you can not live without. You want one in every color!

A pair of cool socks cheers up any outfit!


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