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Helena Bjälkemo, a woman ready for competition despite a tough training schedule

Here is a woman who is not afraid of a competition or a tough training schedule, despite two children, a demanding job and a competing man. She jigsaws her everyday life and dares to invest in running despite the fact that her elite career many years ago was over - all this with a CONSTANT smile on her face.

@helenabjalkemo tell us a little bit about your SM investment:

I have long wanted to test my body and see how fast I can get with a little more structured training. So teamed up with @coachmundt and we decided to focus on 10km this year. It was a different year where track became the only option. We have worked mostly with endurance, to be able to run faster longer. The Swedish Championships went like that. But my best of the year and PB 35:48 is a real improvement over last year. And there is a lot left to grind on.

You like to take part in competitions, tell us what you like about the competition part?

I’m pretty good at pushing myself. But when the number tag goes on, something happens, I can put in an extra gear. I love the mood and the nervousness just seems to raise my level of performance. Then I’m a real winner.

What is your next goal when it comes to running?

This year’s goal was below 36 on the mile, which I have now ticked off, and 1:20 on the half marathon. Maybe there will be a half marathon in November, so hope to be able to take it then.

Don't take it so seriously, do it mostly for fun!

If you were to give a tip to someone who does not really dare to compete but would like to, what would it be?

See it as training. Practice competing. It is also often a really good workout. Take
not so bloody seriously, but doing it most
for fun. Enough with the goal of completing the competition. So you can continue working from there and maybe tighten the bow a little more next time.

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