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Matilda Bertlin

In the past, @bertlinmatilda competed in all sports that included a running moment (Ultratrail, swimrun, Ironman) & she was very successful. She averaged 10-17h a week but suddenly she made a 360 degree turn & put the competition shoes on the shelf. IN ALL branches.

Tell me what happened?

I went from being a gym girl to running Ironman in just one year and was completely sold by EVERYTHING. The challenge for me came the following year as results and competition placements began to come. I got high on my own achievements and it was so much fun that I wanted to compete every other week. In the middle of my competition intoxication, I went through a separation, was promoted at my workplace and took on new projects. Eventually it became too much, my body and head began to lay down and about 1.5 years later I barely got out of bed. Competing was just a memory and I needed to start over and shift my focus around my training. Now my main driving force is mainly to have a body that feels good and is happy.

How is your relationship with running today?

It’s super good! I have probably never enjoyed running as much as I do today. It may very well be that I put down all focus on performance and that both body and head had time to heal.

How do you set up running training today?

From the spring of 2018 until about 2 weeks ago, I have only run on emotion. One week I have landed at almost 14 miles (happened 1 time:P) and another a few occasional running sessions. I have let the running end up further down on my priority list but never wanted to drop it completely.

Find your peace of mind wherever you want to go.

What is your best tip for having a healthy relationship with exercise but running in particular?

I think it’s mainly about getting to know your own body and your signals. One must not forget that hard training is a stress for the body and when life in general is stormy, I think you should take a step back in training. Do not focus so much on what and how others train and perform. Find your peace of mind wherever you want to go.

Will you compete again do you think?

I really do not know. Had I been asked 1 year ago, I would have said no. Now the desire begins to come back but I leave it unsaid!

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