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Meet our head of design Sophie

Sophie gives us a brief presentation of herself and some design thoughts about the future.

Sophie has worked with Powerwoman since the autumn of 2020 and has a background as a pattern designer and fashion designer at some of the larger Swedish clothing companies. With her knowledge in design and eye for fit and function, we will see many exciting news in the future!

"Color and shape holds a special place in my heart and goes hand in hand with my passion for quality and sustainability. I’m into details, I love spending time fine tuning garments made to be used and loved for a long time. After more than a decade in the fashion industry and many years as a designer at one of Sweden's major lifestyle brands, I am very much looking forward to being part of an intimate team where the processes are shortened and decisions are made for the betterment of the end user.

I grew up with the privilege and access to explore many different sports. I tried horseback riding, played football, danced ballet, competed in team gymnastics and figure skating. It was probably here that my interest in sewing and design sparked and together with my mother we created countless competition outfits. The right outfit could really give one superpowers and I remember that special feeling during competitions when I wore them. To this day I enjoy trying new sports but a few years ago I found my stride with yoga, it has taught me to find my way back to myself, listen to the body and accept the form of the day, now I cannot be without it.

Going from dressing to look good to dressing to feel good. 2020 has forced us all to reflect, scale down and sort out what is really most important in our lives. We will definitely see both changes in lifestyle choices but also in how we dress and consume. For the Spring of 2021, the strong athleisure trend continues where the boundaries of training clothes and everyday clothes are blurred even more. The desire to learn new things and challenge ourselves is growing stronger and this is reflected in bold patterns, which will include tie-dye, spiritual symbols and playful logo prints."

At the moment we are in the process of producing the next seasons patterns and developing Power Woman's new design structure for the future. The spring collection includes water color patterns in rainbow and sky blue, but also classic Power Woman patterns in new color combinations. It will be so much fun to see you all push yourselves and boundaries in brave and bold new ways.

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