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Team Power Woman Biathlon

Power Woman is very proud to present Team Power Woman Biathlon. The team consists of five cool girls, who show the way for a new generation in biathlon. To be able to participate and support women who want to go their own way and contribute to give women in fitness sports space and space to work feels good in the heart, says the founder of Power Woman Anna Wretling.

We are a newly started biathlon team with high ambitions for the future, and right now the only biathlon team in Sweden. We are five girls who are next-generation athletes in the national team and together we have just over thirty Swedish Championship medals. Our vision is to aim towards the top elite in biathlon.

We stand for a strong female community and want to show that girls can manage on their own. For us, it is important to show younger athletes that there are several ways to go and the importance of having each other’s backs in adversity.

The company Power Woman is a company that works to promote the role of women in sports and to create a community between women who play sports, this is something we want to be part of and contribute to. That is why we are incredibly happy about the collaboration that we are now starting together with Power Woman.

Name: Emma Höglund
Age: 23 years
From: Mora
In addition to: Studying the last year of the Sports Science program and working extra at SVT Jämtland


Name: Moa Olsson
Age: 22 years
From: Torsby
In addition to: Studying the Sports Technology program (mechanical engineer)


Name: Fanny Johansson
Age: 22 years
From: Matfors outside Sundsvall
In addition to: Studying the first year of the Sports Science program and working extra at Länsförsäkringar


Name: Cordelia Melén Olsson
Age: 22 years.
From: Häverödal, a village in Roslagen
In addition to: Studying the Risk and Crisis Management program and working extra at the swimming pool in Östersund


Name: Amanda Nordqvist
Age: 22 years
From: Ljungsjön outside Sollefteå
In addition to: Works as a waitress at a restaurant


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