Name: Charlotte Ardfors
Age: 37 years
Occupation: Physical therapist and masseur

Tell us a little bit about your training?

I am passionate about an active everyday with biking, running and swimming.

I compete in triathlon's and swim-runs. It's important to me to have clothes that are functional and look good.

If one wants to meet you in Gothenburg and have a look at the collection, how does one contact you?

The collection is in Billdal and one can reach me at [email protected] or 0704-580901.

I will also have a workout class with functional strength outdoors that I teach in Billdal. There I will show the collection and before Christmas I will hold an event at my house where you will have the chance and possibility to shop for yourself and maybe even some nice Christmas gifts for someone else.

Last question, which garment is your favourite when training?

Power Woman Tripants! The fit is outstanding!