Julia Montgomery - Pro Triathlete & Ambassador

Julia is our latest Power Woman ambassador. She is a Swedish Pro Triathlete and we sat down with her to talk about training, goals and being a Power Woman.

What are your training and racing plans for 2018?

2018 will be a bit different then earlier, since I will be living in Chicago. Experiencing a new environment could be a huge potential for my development as a triathlete. I've been working with Coach Andreas Linden for the past 2 years and will continue doing so during 2018.

Regarding future races, my plan is not set yet. Since I will be living in Chicago, my ambition is to compete in a couple of US races. My main focus will be long distance triathlons and IM. Hopefully IM Kalmar will have a pro ladies class next year, if so, that competition will be one of my priorities. I really love the atmosphere in Kalmar and the course profile suits me very well. I'm also keen on doing a race in South America, but I will have to wait and see. 

Which are your favorite garments and why?

Power Woman swimwear were the first garments I started using and I immediately fell for them. Cool patterns and they fit very well. I love the prints, they stand out and make me feel very special. I LOVE the tights as well, they are unique and have an amazing fit. 


Which are your short terms goals?

My short term goal is to continue focusing on long distance races and reach the top segment amongst the female pros. A top 5 placement on an IM distance is definitely in reach


What about your long term goals?

To qualify as a Pro for IM Hawaii! I think most people are familiar with this race. Ever since I decided to change from age grouper to pro, two years ago, my long term goal has been to qualify to Kona. It's a challenge, but I love it.


What is Power Woman to you?

No matter what your training level is or what type of person you are, we all have our unique characteristics, needs and strengths. I get a huge amount of joy in seeing other woman daring to step forward, especially in a field where women are not overrepresented.

Power Woman inspires me to inspire and to be inspired!  I also find a lot of value in sharing our journeys. Power Woman brings out the best in me, with the brands purpose and message, but also through the clothes - I basically feel good looking, fast and strong.

How do you get it all together - training, work and private life?

Coach Andreas plays an important role. He plans all of my training. I give him my time slots and then he plans according to my schedule. I work 80% which means Wednesdays are my days off. It gives me a chance to train more as well as it helps me with my recovery in an efficient way. My employer has a huge understanding for what it is I want to do, and they give me the flexibility I need in my working hours. For example -  I have the possibility to do my running during my lunch break, which gives me more free time in the evenings etc. Training is very important to me, but I also try to make sure there is balance between normal life and training life

I seldom miss a training session, but if so it's not the end of the world. A couple of missed workouts will not make me a worse triathlete, I have plenty of training hours ahead of me anyway.

Life in general is dynamic and you can never predict the future. Having understanding family and friends always help of course. Sometimes I can train together with them, which is a really nice.