Elina Kivinemi

Age: 26 

Living: Gothenburg, Sweden

Occupation: Vocational Training within banking and insurance. Doing extra hours as an instructor at Friskis & Svettis.

What got you interested in Triathlon?

2014 I did a so called "Swedish Classic". From that it became natural for me and I found the challenge in a triathlon race very interesting. 

 Your favorite leg in triathlon - and why

My favorite leg is the running. It gives me time and space to be with myself and my own thoughts. It's also a great opportunity to clear thoughts. When you get into that flow feeling, its more than just about the running itself. Its being in nature and the feeling of freedom. I can run wherever I want to.

Hardest leg - and why?

Bike - for sure! That leg is my biggest challenge! Because I'm not an experienced biker, it takes a lot of effort. I will have to train my bike legs and I'm sure that'll help it become more rewarding and not such a struggle

Why did you participate in our competition for  IM Jönköping?

I went for this challenge, because I have never done such a long race. Demanding goals are fun and I'm not afraid of challenging myself. When I completed the Swedish Classic in 2014 my vision and my dream was doing an Ironman. My goals are growing as I am succeeding

Whats your goal with IM Jönköping?

To make it! Getting from start to finish is a big accomplishment on its own! I love the energy that race has and hope to be able to enjoy the moment and have good flow, feel the energy from an engaged crowd and have fun!

 What is it your'e looking most forward too?

The finish line. I am so pumped to visualize myself running over that magic line, knowing I made it from the start

Why did you apply to become a PW ambassador for IM Jönköping?

Because your clothes are so stylish, and for me that adds to making the experience even more fun. Feeling good looking and strong! Being a woman its important to dare to fell strong. That's what I see in Power Woman and what I'd like to live by in my training.