Stine Möllebro - Power Woman Athlete

This week we speak to Stine Möllebro, one of our Power Woman Athletes.

What is your plan for next year with training and competitions?

The season starts now here in the Middeleast. I am planning on participating in the following competitions:

- Bahrain 70.3 on the 25th of November
- Dubai Creek Halfmarathon on the 8th of December
- Jebel Ali Sprint Tri, Dubai, on the 13th of January
- Dubai 70.3 on the 2nd of February
- Jebel Ali Tri on the 10th of February
- Ironman South Africa in the beginning of April.
- If I qualify Hawaii Ironman in October 2018

Which are your favorite items from Power Woman and why do you like them?

First of all, I love all the clothes, because they are unique compared to other brands. They even look "POWER" with all the fab colors, and the fit is perfect. I especially like the Tri shorts and the Edge Free shorts, and because of the rubber band. They fits and suits so good.

Short-term goals?

Well, I have my race calender above. But my short-term goal, is to improve my cycling. This is where I loose alot of time, compared to my swimming and running. I guess with-in a year, I will improve my cycling skills quite a bit. I´ve already improved these last few months. Dubai 70.3 is a very important race to me, and my goal is to win my age group. Triathlon is so extremely popular in Dubai, that almost everyone here is participating in the race, or attending as spectators.


Long-term goals?

Are to improve my strength, stay healthy, and take good care of my body. I can feel that after 25 years of top level training, that my body needs something more, and something else than just hard endurance training. It also needs yoga, strength and pilates. I am not getting any younger, so I have to work harder to stay fit and strong. My long term goal is to stay fit forever, and be a Power Woman, even when I get very old!


What is Power Woman to you?

It is a woman that knows herself. That is strong and healthy, not only physically, but also mentally. A woman that never gives up, and that can overcome more challenges than most people can. But it is also a person that is in control, and that is aware of her own limits and comfort zones. However, she is not afraid to step out of these zones, in an attempt to become stronger.

How do you manage your life puzzle, with work, training and your social life?

Training is a big part of my social life. The people I train with, are also my friends. So besides that, it is all about priorities. I am very structured and self-discipline is one of my stronger traits. I train and race because it is a life style I have choosen. I plan my time well, so I can be effective in more or less all areas of my life such as training, cooking, social life and work. I work as a Triathlon coach, so again, I am surrounded by triathlon and an active everyday lifestyle.