We have checked in with Elina Kiviniemi who is our "Iron Man Jönköping Entry Fee Winner". We asked how training is coming along, if she feels ready to rock an IM and how preparations looked like.

"Training has gone accordingly. I have completed the sessions I want to, some longer bike rides at 100k which builds my confidence. Bike is the the part I feel least confident about. Had a good fitness check on the run when doing Göteborgs varvet and have had the opportunity to swop indoor swimming for some outdoor strokes in Delsjön.

I did my first Olympic Distance at Gothenburg Triathlon, which was a great experience to learn tricks of the trade.

Ready for an Ironman? It's with mixed emotions that I answer yes AND no. I am content with my training but still feel huge respect towards the distance. I realize its going to be a long day where the body will be tired and one has to keep fighting and I feel a bit nervous to not make the cutoffs. I don't quite know what to expect from my own body in a race like this, but that is also the exciting part. This is a challenge that I want to and am willing to give it all I have.

Last week will be tapering down. I will be going to Italy for a couple of days and eat some good food and charge the emotional batteries from everyday buzz and stress. Will however still be doing shorter sessions, focusing a bit more on speed and not burn myself completely.

The last week will be carbloading and the night before I always eat lots of sweets. That is my tradition - and so far its worked every time!"