Now it's time to give it all I have and everything I have trained for - this is it! I have two strong memories from Ironman Jonkoping 2016.

The first one is at race start. I am so loaded with energy and eager to start the race, which is my first Ironman race ever. Waving my arms I was almost swimming in the air before I touched and flied into the water.

The atmosphere is at its peak and we are all standing there, close to the start and waiting to get started. Now it is time to show what I have trained for!

The second memory is when I am doing a lap on the run, just right to the finishline when the winner of the race is heading for gold and goal. That gave me so much power, hearing all that and the crowd cheering. What a feeling! It gave such a boost and energy so I ran with goose bumps and a smile all the way to my finish!

Great to be in it and part of it!