We asked Jannica Sigurdson @runn1ca a few questions before her marathon. 

Why did you start running?

I have always enjoyed staying active and have always run, but it was
after a separation last year that I took it one step further. I started
to run more frequently and further.
It was easy as a single parent to tie up my laces, whenever there was a
spare moment, it didn't take much planning. Running gave me time and
space - then and now - to relax, reflect and feeling of freedom from the
everyday buzz.

What is the best part about running?

Running is the best therapy to feel good mentally, every runner knows that. It
gives me peace and the feeling after a run - nothing beats that! The
best thing about running is also all the people you meet through running
- at races and on social media. I have made many friends for life.

How do you motivate yourself to go out for a run when you have no energy?

Its a combination of many things. I have a running friend who I often run
with. So the sessions you don't really feel like doing - you're
accountable and its more complicated to cancel.
I set myself smaller goals working towards my bigger goals. I am a
competitive person and like to challenge myself, so seeing improvement
and results - that's motivating! 

Is this the first time you've run a marathon and how do you charge?

Stockholm marathon will be my third marathon. This has been one of my biggest
goals this year, so its also one of the reasons I have stuck to my
training plan through rain, snow and sunshine!
its time to boom and I am really looking forward to this race. These
last weeks, prerace - its about enjoying and charging - the work is
done! Eat, sleep and hydrate... and less running of course.

What is your favorite distance?

Half marathon, of course! Its a distance I am able to push myself and I like
that. I feel comfortable in that distance. The marathon distance, I
feel more respect - although that is my second favorite one. 

Where in the world is your favorite place to run?

It has to be French Polynesia! I was there this winter, climate and nature
were absolutely fantastic. Then I have a favorite place I dream of
running - New York! Of course I would love to run New York marathon, its
been a dream for a long time.

Thank you Jannica for our little chat, and the best of luck to you!