With Stockholm marathon just around the corner, we sat down for an interview with Power Woman run coach Sanna Hed. She gave us some useful running tips to get you ready!

What are your 3 favorite routes in Stockholm?

  • 1) Around Kungsholmen. It never gets boring... 9km alongside water and only one stoplight - and yet in middle of the city. Luxury!
  • 2) Starts in the center of Hornbergstrand and runs along Kungsholmstrand - Slussen - Stadsgården - Hamnarbysjöstad - Liljeholmen - Gröndal - Essingeleden -Fredhäll and then home. Approx 24k and a lovely urban feeling.
  • 3) Intervals on Tranbergsbron. Love the big city feeling with the underground, cars, planes landing at Bromma, pedestrians and people riding bikes.