How is your HELSINGBORG TRIATHLON race form?

Form feels good, been in hard training the past months with my wonderful coach Anders - which has given really good results. 

The main goal with my training is to see what fitness- and performance level I can reach. Before knowing I won  this racebib, the plan has been a couple of smaller triathlons and some skiraces. I love to race, so no doubt some run- and bike races too. Anders and I are planning my race calender for this year. The biggest goals are to smash a good Vasalopps time and Ironman 2018. 

How have you planned your final training before this race?

I won this race bib just about a week ago, so no major adjustments. We have added some extra swim sessions focusing on technique. Every Sunday Anders sends me the training plan for the week. Each session and each week is different and there is thought behind it all. Usually I ski alot, so my sessions alternate between swim/bike/run/crosscountryskiing/rollerskiing/stretch and flexibility. I have only tried so called "give it a go" triathlons before, so this will be my first real triathlon and the beginning to my Ironman journey. 

What is your biggest challenge?

The swim! I am paralyzed on my right side of my body which means that I don't have full control over my right arm. To be able to crawl is a huge challenge. Emma Igelström has taught me how to crawl and now we are working on getting up my tempo and finding a way for me to be as efficient as possible in the water. It is because of my paralysis that I havent really dared to approach triathlon until now. But now I feel ready to give the swim an honest go. I have put my mind to becoming a good swimmer with 1 arm - or a badass triathlete! How do you think about that?