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Pass Your Power Forward

Ever since the brand's inception, PowerWoman has worked on sustainability through careful selection of materials, high quality and a fit that lasts for many years.

– We know that our products are highly valued in the second-hand market. Many of our customers buy and sell our products from each other, which is something that we want to encourage, says PowerWoman founder Anna Wretling.

That is why PowerWoman did something highly unusual by starting a Facebook group called "Pass your power forward," to organize and simplify the buy-sell market for its customers.

– Our brand's aim is conveying and spreading power among women. And we encourage women to pass it forward. It is a twofold and positive message. This way, more women can enjoy our long-lasting, sustainable garments, says Anna Wretling.

In a short time, PowerWoman has earned a strong market position with its fashionable, eye-catching and functional sportswear made for running, cycling, swimming, and triathlon. PowerWoman creates small, high-quality collections, meaning that the brand is always close to its customers' demands.

– It also means that our clothing is practically never on sale. We end up selling everything we make. The high quality and durability, as well as the small collections, all contribute to a high demand in our garments, says Anna Wretling.

The secret behind the high durability is a conscientious production process. Each garment is created from PowerWoman's own drawings, where each seam is carefully thought out. They are then tested by the world's top female athletes to be ready to meet any challenge. But it's not just the products themselves that endure – the designs are equally long-lasting, through seasons in fashion.

– Few companies spend as much time and effort on each garment. For us, this is the key to success. We want to be as close to perfection as possible. Our limited returns and virtually non-existent claims confirm that we are on the right track, says Anna Wretling.

Another result of the company's clear stance on sustainability is that its design manager is in continuous dialogue with the producers. The target is to make PowerWoman's functional, European-made garments even more environmentally friendly while maintaining quality requirements that make them sustainable over time. For example, all cotton garments are made of organic cotton.

Sustainability also permeates the Team PowerWoman Athletic Club. It is free for women to join and already has more than a thousand members.

– The club backs health and exercise without pressure. We want to encourage a sustainable lifestyle, concludes Anna Wretling.

Vist the group and read more: here

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