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Annie Thorén - Triathlete and long distance swimmer

Athlete profile: Annie Thorén

Name: Annie Thorén

IG: @anniethoren

Hometown: Motala

Favorite discipline: Swimming

Profession: Works full time with communication and runs all the media for En Svensk Klassiker.

Sport: My sport is everyday fitness. I don’t train religiously anymore but work out to stay healthy and it’s also keeps me sane.

Power Quote: Memento Vivere ~ remember to live So many of us live in a hamster-wheel and the faster the wheel turns the more we loose ourself and forget what we really like in life. I constantly try to remind myself to be in the moment and LIVE.

Power Suit: My power suit is my wetsuit. There is few thing that fit me better and make me feel more in power than a wetsuit and wet hair.



Best competition

The ones where the unexpected happens

Worst competition memory

The collapse of Vansbro 2012

Want to get better at...

Run fast for a long time

Hidden talent

Good at fixing broken things. 


Sports qualifications

Three SM Gold
Four SM Silver
Two SM Gold Open Water
JSM Silver Line Bicycle
3000m Run: 10.31
400m Swimming: 4.29

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