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Cloud Leo Collection

Because we love animal patterns in particular, we were looking for a unique and new variety of leopard design

We found the unique design in the very unusual tree leopard "the clouded leopard". The tree leopard lives in inaccessible areas, mainly in rain forests, in eastern Asia. It is very shy and the species are strongly endangered.


Because we want to pay tribute to individuality and show strength in uniqueness, we made a design based on the very unique and rare patterns these leopards have.

The original base color of a clouded leo is greyish brown, but with large black leopard spots with contours like rings in irregular patterns. We chose to put the pattern in bold autumnal tones such as deep red, black on black, dark blue and a white gray in an elegant and sophisticated ensemble.

We hope you, like a Cloud Leo, take pride in being the unique creature you are

Current store is Sweden