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Go Long Stay Strong

Exercise for health have probably never been more important than now and we're convinced that with a strong physical health, mental health also increases

Power Woman works to highlight women's strengths and to increase women's health. On Good Friday, the start for our long-term campaign "go long - stay strong” begins to train for better fitness and strengthen the heart and lungs.

Exercise for health has probably never been more important than now and we are convinced that with the physical health the mental also increases.  

On Friday you can walk / exercise / run / bike / swim preferably a little longer than you usually do. It can be only a few meters or minutes longer within your favorite branch. We do this with the start on Friday mainly to emphasize the importance of keeping up the exercise and training.

We hope that as many people as possible want to join us. You can participate where you are positioned, and as always, based on your own ability.  

Our Sports Association Team Powerwoman Athletic Club with their members is participating in the campaign and encourages everyone to work out and train. The association is non-profit, free of charge and welcome for everyone. The majority of our members do endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming, skiing and triathlon.

Power Womans main goals are to highlight women's strength as well as to increase women's health. On Good Friday, we launch our campaign  Go Long - Stay Strong together with our Athletic Club, Team Powerwoman to encourage everyone to push themselves a little further or a little more than usual. Training has probably never been more important for our general health or to strengthen our immune system. We are convinced that with great physical health we gain mental health as well. This is a great opportunity to join our club.  A membership in Team Power Woman is free of charge and everyone is welcome to join our club no matter what your passion is. 

Our challenge Go Long - Stay Strong is about cardio fitness training to strengthen our heart and lungs. On Good Friday you can choose any exercise fit for your taste. Together we will push ourselves a little farther or longer than usual to promote strong lungs and a strong heart. We hope that a lot of you want to join us on our mission for better health. You can participate where ever in the world you are, and as always, it is all based on your own ability. 

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