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Interview with Maja Stage

I finished 5th in the ITU Long Distance World Championship 2019. With “no show” from two of the big favourites, it was a very open race on paper, and I felt ready to give it my best shot to get more than a finisher medal.

It was a cold experience, and the swim was cut from 3k to 1,5k because of water temperature. It’s crazy, but I’m actually kinda happy to be able to say; that it was a disadvantage for me with a shorter swim. Guess you are never really happy to have a disadvantage in a race(!) and especially not in a Championship… But happy anyway, because it’s the true prove that my swim development is starting to show in open water too. Two of the 4 girls finishing in front of me, had slower swim times, I was 15/20 sek after the two other ones. I had the fastest T1 and second fastest T2 of all girls, and was 1min38 from the fastest run split of the day (30k).

Think it’s pretty clear to see that it’s my bike strength that needs some work!?

 The paradox is, that I have felt very strong on the bike in training, and I also felt like I was riding ok in the race. But these girls just had one extra gear. The goal must be to create that for myself, so that I can be in the mix all the way. And run for the podium as I had dreamt of.

There is only 3 weeks til I get my chance for revenge (aleady passed when this article was written) Ironman Lanzarote is the 25. May and with the fitness boost of this race I’m really excited to see what I can do on Lanzarote!

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