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Lounge Wear Pop-Up Collection


Made from 100% Combed Organic Cotton. Earth Positive.

Anna Founder
Sports: triathlon, swim bike run
Leisure: read books and be in nature
Favourite food: Asian cuisine
Fun fact: had a dream to become an astronaut

Makes you feel comfortable, stylish and sporty.

Wilhelmina Daughter of founder
Sports: gymnastics
Leisure: be with firends and family and bake cookies
Favourite food: lasagne
Fun fact/hobby: love to paint

Make a statement... I AM POWER.


Suitable to wear back and from your training session or perfect for the weekend.

Mine Digital Marketer
Sports: Running
Leisure: FFF (Family, Friends and Food)
Favourite food: Ziti á la Carmella Soprano
Fun fact: Playing Nintendo

Karolina Backoffice
Sports: gym & powerwalks
Leisure: spending time with loved ones, creating music
Favourite food: Asian cuisine, Seafood, Italian and more.
Fun fact/hobby: laying puzzles

Stay cozy with style

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