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Recycled Collection

A Sustainable Premium Sportswear Collection from Power Woman

Power Woman believes in the power of women and the power of nature. Therefore, the brand is prouder than ever to announce a new range of eco-friendly sportswear. The Recycled collection is made from recycled PET bottles – and it's as easy on the eyes as it is on the environment. Inspired from the 4 natural elements and nature forces: earth, air, water & fire.

The collection celebrates a return to our roots, back to where it all started, back to nature. The Recycled Collection is made of 80% recycled PET Bottles, for a more sustainable planet.

To create the Recycled collection, recycled everyday plastic bottles are transformed into polyester yarn. This process has been continuously refined over the years and the material is now strong enough to meet Power Woman's strict quality requirements.

– We have been to use recycled materials in our garments, but until now, these yarns have not been durable enough for our sportswear collections. Now we have found a material that works. The Back to Basics garments are just as ready for long-term use and reuse as the rest of our product range, says Power Woman founder Anna Wretling, who continues:


Environmental responsibility has been a top priority for Power Woman right from the start. This has included encouraging customers to reuse and recycle. Earlier this year, the company launched a secondhand sales Facebook group – Pass your power forward – that helps women sell, buy and exchange Power Woman garments.

– Thanks to our garments' high quality and long-lasting nature, they are perfectly prepared for the secondhand market. The marketplace has increased in size and is now active with several sales per day, adds Anna Wretling.

Power Woman is committed to continuous improvements of its environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The Recycled collection is part of this ongoing effort, as the brand continues to promote environmental awareness in all areas of the sportswear industry.


Technical Information

To create the Recycled range of sportswear, recycled plastic bottles are transformed into yarn. Everyday PET plastic bottles are cleaned, cut and processed into polymer chips. These chips are then re-spun into continuous-filament polyester. Through a combination of modern technology and a traditional spinning process, a wide variety of recycled yarns become available. Each have technical features similar to yarns made of virgin polymer.


  • Conserves natural, nonrenewable resources.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduces disposable waste and non-biodegradable landfill pollution.



The recycling potential worldwide is extremely high at around 150,000 metric tons. Only about 20% of this potential is utilized. Using recycled fabrics helps us care for the environment by saving resources as well as energy. Many apparel brands are already committed to this type of products.


Comparison Between Normal and Recycled Polyester

It is much more resource-intensive to produce normal polyester fiber compared to recycled fiber. Energy savings are as high as 50%, and CO2 emissions are cut by about the same amount. Meanwhile, water consumption is up to 90% less – all while less plastic risks ending up in the oceans or in landfills.




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