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P.O.W. Collection

Power Woman presents P.O.W. sportswear for every occasion.

Power – of – Woman: A single-colored collection that makes a strong statement

Compared to our other collections, we have scaled down some of the more forceful design elements without compromising on quality or fit.

It's our essential, wear-anywhere sportswear, designed for every occasion.

The fit is shaping and firming, while the materials are soft and smooth for the ultimate second-skin touch. All pieces are light-weight to enable maximum breathability and freedom of movement.

P.O.W. combines all-round tights with crop tops and tank tops. All of them are perfectly suited for indoor and warm-weather outdoor activities – everything from running to gym, yoga or leisure. Due to its light touch and silky feel, the collection is perfect for soft sports.

Share your power, show your support and love for other women and together we'll make the world a better place

With P.O.W., Power of Woman, we are proud to announce a line of single-colored sportswear that puts the wearer's personality front and center. Being both minimalist and assertive, and part of our Affordable Luxury segment, these tops and tights are designed to make a statement: "I am a Power Woman."


Power Woman is also launching our new P.O.W. shaping bike shorts and new shaping tights. The fit and material in these two new styles are both more shaping and firming and are delivered in black. Coming soon.

At Power Woman, we believe in empowering women, strengthening other females and supporting your sister. We encourage women to pass their power forward to other women using the hashtag #passyourpower

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