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Shorts Guide

Shorts made by runners for runners. We have made shorts in the best functional material and fit for those who run short, fast, long, once a week or every day. Our shorts are designed to withstand the most extreme challenges and endure salt, sweat & moisture... and that you can do your best! In this guide we help you to find the short that suits you and your challenges best.


Our classic running shorts are made for all types of running. The material is cool and quick-drying and the waist has a wide comfortable elastic with drawstring. Inside is an airy inner pants. The shorts have been used by athletes up to 16 miles (160km)!


This highly functional runner short is made for anyone who have high demands on performance. The fit is slim and stays in place during hard training. At the leg bottom there is a silicone edge that allows the shorts to sit properly on the thighs. The high-quality performance material makes it a compression pant. The waist is wide and has a firm elastic. All prints are hand printed. The shorts is suitable for all kinds of running, from short sprint races up to ultra marathons. The shorts are made of material that can withstand chlorine, salt, sweat and water. They also suit for swimming and fits perfectly also to swimrun and sprint triahlon (without padding).

Edge Short - "Mermaid"
Hot Shorts - "Strawberry Swirl"

Shorts made by runners for runners


We have developed the ultimate triathlon shorts in the best materials and function to meet tough challenges. The seams and fit are specially adapted for the woman's body. A wide waist with elastics that keeps the trousers firmly up, the material sits tight and has a compression effect to enable you to perform at maximum. In the leg end there is a wide silicone edge that holds the pants in place. The fabric is quick-drying and withstands sun, sweat and salt and fits perfectly under the wetsuit. The padding is specially made for triathlon and is 5 mm thick. Most athletes use the pants for all distances up to Ironman. The pants are ideal for swimming, running and cycling.


Our bike shorts are made for long cycling and have a padding developed by cyclists to counteract the chafing and make cycling comfortable. The padding is 6 mm thick in the middle and faded at the edges. The cut on the shorts is made to avoid chafing and the silicone edge is wide to sit firmly on the thigh without creeping up. The waist is wide and soft for good comfort. The fabric is made of the highest performance material and can withstand weather and wind. Some athletes also use the cycling pants on ironman races on both siminng, cycling and running because the trousers are so flexible and like a second skin.

Tri Shorts - "Tropical jungle"
Cycling Shorts


Our specially designed running skirt is popular among runners from all over the world doing all distances, from walking and jogging to ultra marathons and even during 24h races. The skirt has a boxer pant under the skirt and a wide and comfortable elastic with drawstring that keeps the skirt in place. The garment can be used for tennis, beach volleyball and other sports or just to wear at the beach.

Running Skirt - "Hexagon Black"

Quality & Performance

We combine high functionality with top design. All shorts are developed and tested to perform, endure anr look great - for running, training, swimming, triathlon, cycling and yoga. Power Woman sportswear is as versatile as it it beautiful. It looks and performs just as well on the tracks as for streetwear. We believe in creating unique garments in exclusive collections of superior quality and fit - that lasts year after year. All garments are tested by athletes and production is made in Europe.


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