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Surf Collection

We love water and we love sports so we made a collection for various water activities like surfing, sup, free diving, beach volley and more...

Dance with the waves , move with the sea, let the the rhythm of the water set your soul free

Name: Ambré Victoire
Activities: Artist, Surfer & Yogi
Other interests: Creativity, drawing
Quote: "I’m always looking for living what I love and releasing my emotions."

We do love to swim on the surface , but there is so much more to explore in the water world, above and under the sea level. So we created a line not for swimming but for all other water activities, to be able to enjoy more of the beauty and world of the ocean.

Feel free to dive into the deep ocean, dance with the waves or glide on your board

The surf collection is made for those who want a relaxed look, to feel free to dive into the deep ocean, join the waves in a dance, glide on the surface with a board or stand tall on a SUP.



The surf collection came out of our love for the woman body and the different shapes we come in. We want every woman to be able to find her favorite piece to feel comfortable and beautiful in, so we created a brand new design and fit.

Like a wave, you are free to surf on life.

Current store is Sweden