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Power Woman

We are a brand that stands for courage, high spirits, willpower and no compromising. We reinforce women’s capability, shape and power through our clothes, our training and our philosophy. Whoever you are, whatever you look like and whatever your goals are, you too have a Power Woman within. All you have to do is challenge yourself.

Live out of bound.

Power Woman
Face it. Do it. Be it.

  • Materials for performance

    Materials for performance

    All garments are constructed in designs and materials that consider body movement, blood flow, comfort and performance. Stretchy, functional custom made fabric is used throughout all collections.

  • Custom made for woman

    Custom made for woman

    Power Woman is carefully designed with the female body in mind. Support in all the right places enables every Power Woman athlete to feel strong, fast and beautiful.

  • Moisture managed

    Moisture managed

    The garments are fully breathable and the dry fit transports moisture well to help you stay dry and cool.

  • By athletes for athletes

    By athletes for athletes

    The Power Woman designs are carefully thought-out, developed and tested by us and no one else. Design which endure and support tough training of various kinds. With the ambition to meet the highest expectations – yours.

  • Team PowerWoman

    We are  proud to present these strong women and men who will compete under flag Team PowerWoman.