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Edge Leggings


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Edge leggings

The story behind

The EDGE legging was Power Woman's very first designed and produced leggings. They were created by our founder Anna Wretling, as she started to run marathons and ultramarathons, and could not find a pair of leggings with the right comfort and support.

The Edge Legging from Power Woman is an all time favourite among runners. Some of the reasons are the medium-high waistline that supports your ability to breath with your abdominal. The waist also has a firm elastics and a drawstring that prevent the legging from creeping down. The fabric is developed by a high quality Spanish supplier. It feels soft but firm and gives a slight compression effect, just like a second skin.

The caracteristic pattern is hand-made by our Swedish design team, and the Edge Leggings are produced in Europe. And one more thing - they come in many colors! Which one is your favourite? Have a pick!


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