The Ultimate Gift Guide

It's the holiday season, and a great way to enjoy it is by giving your loved ones the gift of feeling good and taking care of themselves. To make it easy for you, we've picked out some special holiday treats for all the sports enthusiasts, including you.

Gifts for your BFF

Only the best for your bestie! You could even get matching sets with your friend to be a true Power Woman duo together out there and push each other to achieve your goals.

Gifts for Mom

Let your Mom know how much you appreciate all the effort & care she has put in to be a mother and that she is a true Power Woman in your eyes.

Gifts for your Girlfriend

Give your girlfriend a gift that she can wear many times and feel beautiful & empowered in.

Gifts for the Runner

High-waisted leggings that stay in place, a pocket belt or some windstopper garments to keep your runner friend warm during winter? We have the perfect sets designed for runners that will bring much joy to all the runners.

Gifts for the Swimmer

Our bestselling swimsuits for all the swim queens out there. Complete the gift with a matching swim cap and a practical microfiber towel.

Gifts for the Gym Girl

For the gym girl who stays dedicated to her gym routine and crushes her goals.Let her know she is doing a great job and give her a dazzling new set of active wear  to celebrate her dedication.

Gifts for the Superstar

Who is a total superstar in your eyes? Let them know and let it show with some of our most beloved star-themed prints.

Gifts for the Glamourous

For the one that appreciates the finer things in life and wants to add that little extra glamour to everyday life and workouts. High-quality materials, gold details and prints with that little extra touch of glamour.

Gifts for the Sweetheart

Being soft takes courage! Let your soft & sweet friends know that you admire their kindness and give them the ultimate workout set to match that image. Soft pastels for kind & powerful women!

Gifts for the Wild One

For the bold, brave and wild at heart. Pick the perfect  gift among our popular leopard or zebra prints for the trendsetter in your life who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Gifts for the Minimalist

For anyone who loves basic wardrobe staples get our favorite styles in black.  Every woman will appreciate something that is easy to match with the rest of her workout wardrobe and you find the perfect long-lasting favorites  for this purpose from our collections.