Black Tiger Collection

The tiger is a powerful animal that with its beautiful pattern and strong character gives us extra power. This year is also “the year of the water tiger" according to the Chinese calendar. The white tiger symbolizes peace, courage and virtue.

The collection with the Tiger comes from wanting to highlight the strength that nature holds and of which we are a part. The lightning stands for our power. The eyes that shine for our presence. The stripes for spring. endurance. The heart with the fire stands for passion.
We design with inspiration based on nature and now it's time to lift the Tiger.

about the collection

Inspired by women

The Tiger stands for many qualities that we women also possess!

Inspired by nature

The tiger is a powerful animal that, with its beautiful pattern and strong character, gives us extra power. Apart from that, this animal is known for its majestic courage and strength. As such, its power and peaceful energy can represent spiritual awakening and fearlessness.


Tigers are alpha predators, and they don’t have any rivals in their natural habitat. Because of these characteristics, the tiger can stand for strength.

Majesty and Nobility

Tigers stand tall and mighty. Because of this feature, they garnered respect not only from other animals but from humans as well. Some people may even consider them as the “king of all animals.” As such, tigers can stand for majesty and nobility.

Unique production

Handmade design

Our designers and factories in Europe, which specialize in clothing for performance sports, then take our files and transfer them manually as each garment is manufactured separately. It is a craft and each garment is thus unique!

High Quality Materials

Quick dry light weight materials produced in Europe