Exclusively designed sportswear for women

Unique production

We have traveled the world in order to find the best materials available. We have found the best factories in Europe that manufacture our clothes from our own design and technical drawings. We have had the world's top female athletes try out our clothes under extreme conditions and for a long time. Our designers have worked hard to find the perfect fit for the female body and carefully added many exclusive details to the smallest stitch. The result is stylish sportswear created for gym training, swimming, running, cycling and triathlon.

A novelty is clothing for cross-country skiing and we are constantly developing clothes that push you forward - and that make you feel nice and strong when you do it. We make so stylish clothes that they go for everyday wear and on the town, the clothes should keep in both the running track and as leisure wear. We believe in unique garments in small collections and we always work to improve our clothes.

Our high demands have resulted in our being renowned for our high quality and a fit that lasts year after year. Our customers talk about the clothes giving power, and being like a second skin. Second-skin feeling is the best grade we can get and we will never settle for less.


Our designs are carefully thought-out, developed and tested by us and no one else. Design which endure and support performance training of all kind. With the ambition to meet the highest expectations - yours.

About the design


Our designer have worked tirelessly to find the perfect fit for the female body and carefully added numerous exclusive details, down to the smallest stitch. Our distinctive original designs and prints are still our best-sellers, even as future classics enter the scene. We believe in manufacturing sportswear that is as durable as it is timeless. Support in all the right places enables every Power Woman athlete to feel strong, fast and beautiful. The result is superbly stylish and functional sportswear for gym training, swimming, running, cycling and triathlon.


All of our materials are manufactured and sewn in Europe, where our work on quality control is continuous. This includes ongoing reviews and improvements of production processes as well as material choices, all aimed at protecting human beings and the environment. The garments are fully breathable and the tight fit transports moisture to help you stay dry and cool.


Stretchy, functional custom made fabric is used throughout all collections. All garments are hand made in Europe.PowerWoman manufactures only the very highest-quality sportswear, using carefully selected materials that stay in shape even after long-term use. Thanks to our advanced designs, our garments have an exceptionally long-lasting fit.