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Power woman jackets

High performance and quality

Run and ride in Power Woman Jackets. No matter what the weather, our jacket selection is perfect for outdoor sports and activities all year round. Layer if cold weather, or use as a thin extra protection when warm.

  • Our jackets are all made in light-weight, highly technical and breathable materials.
  • We use two materials i all our jackets and vests, one is windproof and one is wind proof + water repellant
  • The Wind Jacket, Vest´s and Cycling jackets are wind proof
  • The All Weather Jacket is wind proof and water repellant
  • All the jackets have a unique 4-way stretch material that allows free and effortless movement. The carefully thought performance and technical qualities make our jackets perfect for running, cycling, and other outdoor activities.
  • All jackets and vests have pockets and are easily folded in a pocket
  • Normal in size. For performance fit use true or size down, for comfort fit use true or size up.
  • Exclusive high tech materials from Italy and made in Europe.


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All Weather Jacket | Grey Leo
Sale price€199,95
All Weather Jacket | Black Leo
Sale price€199,95
Team Power Woman Jacket | SupernovaTeam Power Woman Jacket | Supernova
Team Power Woman | Jacket - Black/GoldTeam Power Woman | Jacket - Black/Gold
Team Power Woman | Jacket - Black/Gold
Sale priceFrom €159,95 Regular price€199,95
Power Woman Wind Jacket | Black
Sale price€129,95
Team TPWAC Save 20%
Team Power Woman | Vest - Black/GoldTeam Power Woman | Vest - Black/Gold
Team Power Woman | Vest - Black/Gold
Sale priceFrom €119,95 Regular price€149,95

Our purpose behind the clothes

The story behind

When Power Woman founder Anna Wretling was doing Norseman, one of the world's hardest and most difficult triathlons, she was looking for a jacket with stretch to wear. Most wind jackets on the market are stiff in their materials and do not breathe, which makes it uncomfortable, for example to be positioned on a tempo bike. In order to run and bike optimally, stretch is needed, which proved difficult to find on the market. After much searching, Anna found a very exclusive material from an Italian supplier with exactly the 4-way stretch she was looking for. She wanted a light jacket that keeps the wind away, as the wind is often what makes us cold. She wanted the jacket to be thin and easy to fold in a pocket. The result is our Wind Jacket. Later, she also found a material that is both windproof and waterproof, which you can find in our All Weather jacket, which has the same properties as the wind jacket in general.

Clothes that makes you feel free

We design clothes so you can perform at your best.

Power Woman Wind Jacket | Black/White
Power Woman Wind Jacket | Black/White
Sale price€199,95
Edge Sport Pro Run Leggings | White/Zebra
Edge Sport Pro Run Leggings | White/Zebra
Sale price€129,95