In cycling, there are cycling rules how to be in traffic for safety, but there are also several unwritten rules that for many are carved in stone such as not having fluttering clothes, too short socks, unshaven legs or perhaps the worst marks from the oil on the chain on the leg. If you break these, you are not a real cyclist! Or are you? We asked Helen Wikmar who is a skilled cyclist with, among other things, several Ironmans in the luggage what she thinks about manners and etiquette on a bike.

How should you dress when cycling?

-Hahaha love that you ask me these questions!!! Actually, I don't care about cycling rules for clothing.
But it is important not to dress too hot! And definitely not too cold. I prefer cycling pants without 'suspenders' so I can quickly stop and pee. Preferably a sweater with pockets on the back so I can carry energy! Often your feet are cold - so it's good to have a shoe cover or why not a plastic bag around your feet that is cheap.

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Can you cycle without a sweater?

-You can, but ouch for falling at 40km / h in scratching up the whole body ...

What socks should you wear?

-Nice socks that are warm - if it's cold - merino wool is awesome!
I do not care about length because I have too much fun cycling to care about the length of the socks. Take a look at our socks here >>

Heard that you are not allowed to mix colors on your clothes...? 

-Not mixing colors?! Hahaha then I am the worst in the world!!! I love all colors and want to look like a rainbow. Missing happy colors on stylish cycling clothes! More color for the people! 

Do you have panties under cycling shorts? 

- No I don't, to avoid chafing! Longer distances, it is SUPER IMPORTANT to lubricate yourself with lots of cream between the legs so you do not get chafing!!!

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What are the traffic rules for cyclists? 

-Stop on red ... and then all the usual traffic rules that apply to motorists.

Can you bike next to someone?

-You can, but common sense should be used - on a narrow busy road it may be better to ride in a line. Otherwise you might get washer fluid sprayed on you or even a long finger waved at you!

Should you still cheer for those passing by? 

- Yes, you should! A nice unspoken rule is that you always nod or lift your hand as a sign.

Do you greet everyone on a bike? Even those who have a regular bike? 

Yes, I do, but those who have regular bikes don't always get the point...but I keep greeting them.

Is there anything else that is a big no-no when it comes to etiquette on a bike?

-No, I think you can do your thing! Everyone is welcome! You may not be able to afford or maybe you don´t care about the fashion on a bike and the most important thing is of course that people cycle! How to move in a cluster and what applies in clusters and so usually depends on who is involved. So it's best to talk to each other beforehand about what applies so you know. Big no-no for me, however, is to cycle without energy! ALWAYS have something to eat and drink with you! And preferably a friend if possible!

My tip for those who are going to start cycling is not to ask so much about anything but do what feels best for yourself !!! So you do not have to care about what everyone else does & thinks!

//Thank you Helen Wikmar

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Mai 24, 2023 — Anna Wretling