Meet Sophia, you can see her in our pictures wearing Power Woman clothes. She is an amazingly warm person with a big smile. We are so happy that she wants to showcase our sportswear as an important part of our work is to highlight the athlete behind the garments. 

Sophia tell us about her love for running

 -My name is Sofia Muhrbeck, I have trained all my life and during my youth played tennis at an elite level and also spent four years in college in the USA, which resulted in two National Champion titles.

-When I moved home to Sweden, I stopped playing tennis and started running. The reason for that was that it was time efficient and easy to fit into the puzzle of life.

-I signed up for a couple of races and realized that it was easy to get results by training regularly and varied. My greatest running moment was when I ran the 2016 New York Marathon!

-Today, I have two small children and a job that takes a lot of time, but running is my way of refueling, clearing my head and getting "my own time".

I still love the simplicity of running and that I can actually vary it by choosing to run in different and new environments, different distances/intervals and that I can choose for myself whether it should be an undemanding jog or a tough interval session, my daily form simply gets determine!

-I am motivated by the feeling after a run and what it gives me, to feel alert in body and mind, I have never regretted a run. I am also spurred on by the fact that running gives me more energy that I can pass on to my family, myself and my job!

-I was previously training for the Stockholm Half Marathon in September last year, which was my first race that I ran with my child cheering which was magical. Now I'm betting on a race this spring, maybe it will be the Stockholm Marathon again.

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Juni 06, 2023 — Anna Wretling