Olympic medalist Lisa Norden in Power Woman Northern star swimsuit

The new “Northern Star” swim collection from Power Woman is done in collaboration with triathlon star Lisa Nordén. The “Northern Star” collection with 3 swimsuit models has a powerful design inspired by the Nordic symbols - Northern Lights and the Pole Star. The swimsuit collection is specially designed to give swimmers the best conditions in water, in pool and in open sea. The collection bears the Power Woman signature - a colorful design with clear inspiration from nature's power elements.

”Swedes and northerners have a special relationship to open water. We usually swim in indoor environments, and this is perhaps why we embrace to swim in open water. I love swimming in open water, to see the sky and clouds above me while having the big blue below me. It makes you humble towards nature and its powers. The Northern Star collection is inspired by the northern lights, one of nature's most powerful spectacles. It is a reminder of how beautiful the world really is and how power it is. I wanted to bring some of that power to the swimmer with this swimsuit collection", says Lisa Nordén about the new swimming collection.

Pro Triathlete Lisa Nordén in Power Woman Northern Star Swimsuit at Kona Beach

Olympic medalist and triathlon star Lisa Nordén came in an honorable fifth place when the world's elite settled for the medals in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, earlier in October. Ever since her silver medal in the London Olympics, Lisa has belonged to the absolute world elite in triathlon.

”Everything is put to the test in Ironman and somehow I enjoy being able to turn myself inside out and find out who I am and what I really want. It's a fascinating process.”

Lisa started triathlon without a swimming background and has always considered herself a non-swimmer. She has invested an enormous amount of time to become a swimmer. "For all swimming, no matter in pool or in open water, I want the fit of the swimsuit to be 100%. If I practice starting from the podium or fast turns, I don't want the swimsuit to feel like it's moving or drop in the front. A tight swimsuit is a fast swimsuit, the less material you feel in the water, the better.”

Lisa Norden in Power Woman swimsuit jammer Northern Star Collection

The collection consists of three classic swimsuit models designed in collaboration with female swimmers that has expressed difficulties to find this type of swimsuit on the market. The swimsuits are designed to give the swimmer a maximum outcome in the water with a minimum of resistance.  high cut at the legs and a tight fit. Shoulder and back straps are adjustable and designed so that the swimmer can move freely in all moments.






”It’s such a recognition of quality that Lisa wanted to make a swimming collection together with us. There is a large selection of swimwear for women, but not so much when it comes to swimwear that should both last for intensive training, withstand sun, salt and chlorine, as well as have a design that gives you speed in the water", says Anna Wretling, founder of Power Woman, "In triathlon and SwimRun, the swimsuits  must also be quick-drying and fit under the wetsuit without giving you chafing", continues Anna.

The design collection will be sold in a very limited edition with only 65 swimsuits in total. Launch is set to October 23.

Olympic star Lisa Norden in Power Woman swimsuit Northern Star and swim cap Feel the fear


October 21, 2022 — Cecilia Hjertzell