Tell us about your thoughts on the race?

- I'm so excited! And for the first time, a bit nervous. I will focus on doing my best for the day. Not compare myself to anyone else. I will keep my chosen pace and enjoy some good music in my headphones. 

"The excitement and anticipation of the race is like Christmas Eve when I was a kid."

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Can you tell us about your preparations?

- Since January, my running/strength training has focused on the goal of the Stockholm Marathon. I have followed a running plan from my coach and we have had meetings to make corrections based on the based on how my body and mind feels. I am satisfied with the amount of running I have gotten in every week. I have had a lot of support from my partner who takes our daughter early mornings,
so that I can run before work. This week before the race, there are more
rest days and carbohydrate loading. Can it get much better?:D

Do you have any tips you would like to share for someone who want to run a marathon?

In my everyday life as a physiotherapist, I meet many people with sports injuries. Many injuries are due to one-sided training/overload-related. For example, someone who likes endurance sports runs or cycles too much. While the person who likes strength training, only focuses on strength. In order to be injury-free, I think a balance is needed. Imagine a scale, to be injury-free means an equilibrium. This means that you need to incorporate running, vary your running, with distance and intervals. And weigh up the running with strength training. for e.g. torso and legs which is quite tough (not only with body weight) and mobility training. It does not have to be long stretches of the back of the thighs. My recommendation is instead that you add some form of dynamic mobility as a warm-up to both warm-up to both strength training and cycling/running. All in order for you to be injury-free and able to maintain a consistent level in your training.

Why do you run?

- I have found a form of training that suits me as I like being out in the forest and nature. After a day of work, I don't want to continue exercising indoors. Running gives a good endorphin boost and I can choose whether I push myself or just take a short leisurely run.

Can you describe what running means for you?

- Running for me usually feels easy, although the body can feel "heavy" for a session. So, I rarely have a resistance to completing a running session. Running into a forest and being "cherished" / taken care of by the forest. To be one with nature, to pause everyday stress. It's unbeatable.

What clothes will you wear at Stockholm Marathon?

- Of course, my outfit is from Power Woman. I want to run in this kit in pastel Leo because it is a lot of color. For me the outfit symbolizes energy and shining with who I am during the race. (Egde run shorts/light pink leo and Edge sport top Light pink leo). The shorts stays in place with a wide cuff at the waist and a one-glide seam at the leg end so they don't creep up. For me, it is important to be able to focus on the run and not to correct the clothes. The choice of sport top is easy. I have a fairly large bust and the support in the Power Woman Edge sport top is outstanding :D

Good luck!

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May 14, 2024 — Anna Wretling