The data showed people taking at least 7.000 steps per day were much more likely to live longer. After 10.000 steps per day the benefits leveled off. But when the researchers combined the data with other studies they found the ultimate combination - or the magic recipe. Data showed that if you want to live longer you should take at least 7.000 steps per day, and within the number of steps, include performance training at least 3 times per week and weight training at least twice per week. 

Power Woman runners in zebra running collection

So in short; 

  1. walk as much as possible in your daily life, 
  2. run, bike, or swim 3 times per week and 
  3. and focus on building strength 2 times per week

    Do this and you are more likely to live longer. 

    For some - figures can be motivational, for some the total opposite and to some this will be totally irrelevant. We know that we’re all unique individuals and one of the aspects not mentioned in the report is how important it is also to listen to your inner voice. Because you know for sure, what’s best for you. And we also know that the female body works differently during the hormone cycle and responds differently to exercise during the different phases. So perhaps the best recipe for a long and healthy life in balance is to exercise but to do it from your body cycle, which you probably easiest will discover if you listen to your inner voice. 

    Always remember - YOU are POWER!

    September 06, 2022 — Cecilia Hjertzell